Alright… I absolutly love shopping and whenever I see something I absolutly love I will buy it. Whenever I’m not fully sure I tend to not purchase the item because I might regret it later on. These three items I absolutly loved and I hope you do aswell! They do match for an actual outfit!

H&M Bag!

H&M Bag. Currently for sale. Bought it less than a week ago and have used it a few times!

Zara - 'Leather' Trim Shirt.

Zara. Currently for sale aswell in Grey, Black and Royal Blue! I wore it today and I like the black ‘leather-ish’ detail.

Zara - Royal Blue Boots!

Zara also. Well, I love Zara. Although these are quite new and I still need to walk with them in the house so they adapt to my feet. But other than that, love them and always wanted shoes that color! Also they’re available in black and maybe brown, not fully sure.

Hope you like these items! 😀


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