A few months ago…

I wasn’t sure if I was going to show this picture or not since we’re cleary in autumn but these pictures were taken just before summer.

The Silva Sisters!

Alice is on the left and I’m on the right! These were taken in June, I think, so It’s a bit of a goodbye to summer since now we’ll be all covered up 😛


Colored Hair!

So, I showed a picture of me before and my hair is natural black/ dark brown.
I never dyed my hair because I don’t have the guts to but I absolutly love it and wish I could.

I found these pictures and they are awesome!
Degrade Hair <3

Love these colors, my favorite ❤

Colored Hair <3
This is also super pretty! The effect it has on braids is awesome!

I might get some nerve and dye at least my ends! We’ll see ;D

Spiky Sneakers.

Hi everyone! So today I’ll be talking about the spiky sneakers from Zara!
Very grungy, I fell in love with them when I first saw them! They are confortable so no problem there!

Spiky sneakers!

This is me wearing them, I don’t have a picture of my whole body/outfit from this day but I just wanted to show them!

They’re still for sale 🙂

Happy shopping ❤

Sock Bun and Wing Ring!

Hello again! Alright, I have long hair and I like to be able to do hair-dos with it and I tried to make a Sock bun the other day! It’s fairly easy, depending on your type of hair.

Sock bun!

From the top it was like this:
Cuteness on a bun.

I had to work it in a different way because my hair would fall if you do it this way:

But I did it this way:

Also, I got my wing ring that i wanted for ages!!
Sadly though it broke the first time I used it…
New ring <3
Also love my new nails and this color for winter ❤
Avon - Midnight Green
Avon- Midnight Green.


Alright… I absolutly love shopping and whenever I see something I absolutly love I will buy it. Whenever I’m not fully sure I tend to not purchase the item because I might regret it later on. These three items I absolutly loved and I hope you do aswell! They do match for an actual outfit!

H&M Bag!

H&M Bag. Currently for sale. Bought it less than a week ago and have used it a few times!

Zara - 'Leather' Trim Shirt.

Zara. Currently for sale aswell in Grey, Black and Royal Blue! I wore it today and I like the black ‘leather-ish’ detail.

Zara - Royal Blue Boots!

Zara also. Well, I love Zara. Although these are quite new and I still need to walk with them in the house so they adapt to my feet. But other than that, love them and always wanted shoes that color! Also they’re available in black and maybe brown, not fully sure.

Hope you like these items! 😀


Hello! We’re 2 sisters that enjoy fashion and cute things and decided to make a blog, for the fun of it, and we hope, if you’re reading this you enjoy our blog! We’ll be posting about things that we like to do, see, maybe even eat, and of course, wear!


Olá! Nós somos 2 irmãs que apreciam moda e coisas fofas e decidimos fazer um blog, por diversão, e esperamos que, se estão a ler, que gostem do nosso blog! Nós postaremos sobre coisas que gostamos de fazer, ver, talvez até comer, e claro, usar!